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Customers want an online portal that is easy to understand with freedom to have access to current information.  Having real time information at their fingertips any time of the day or night helps to provide customers with peace of mind. For example, they gain more and more comprehensive insight into orders placed and can generate reports at any time with real-time data. Saving time is important to customers and a client portal that is frustrating to use is not helpful. Fast Movers Logistics’ new customer portal brings speed and convenience to sourcing and managing your delivery needs.

Using the customer portal you can:

  1. Request a scheduled pick-up at your convenience.
  2. View all your orders along with their current status.
  3. View your accounts statement on weekly basis.
  4. Change the settings of your profile as required.
  5. View the summary of delivery status on segregated basis.

The portal design is clean, fast, and efficient to allow you to work your way, from any device, on any OS. And, as always, it is backed by the quality service you have come to expect from Fast Movers.

The statement and summary tabs are the two vital features we have embedded on our portal. The STATEMENT tab allows you to view the real time tracking of Cash on Delivery collected on your behalf by us. It is a weekly report of accumulated COD, delivery and return charges along with the applicable taxes levied. Clients are even facilitated with “View details of the month”, where you can export the whole month delivery details on an excel sheet. Now, you don’t have to wait for us to send a report. You can easily access reports automatically at any predetermined frequency. That’s a big time saver for your accounts department who can’t devote themselves to monitor shipments.     

Moreover, the SUMMARY is another useful tab that shows the list of all the orders placed on our portal, segregated by status like “Order Confirmed”, “Order Processing”, “Delivered” and “Returned”. It provides option to obtain historical information on your data. With the advanced filter option, you can view your hub wise status report. You can even view a required status using the keyword search option. Date filter is an another search option where you can view the status of your deliver orders on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. For your convenience, we have even attached a remarks option to facilitate the user with actual reason behind delays in delivery or the reason behind the parcels so returned.

To get to Fast Movers Logistics’ customer portal, click the “register” link on the website home page. Our marketing representative will contact you to discuss your needs and provide comprehensive ideas on our services. Most features are intuitive, but we offer training for clients requesting it.

Words From,

Roakchha KC

Managing Director / CEO